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Camping for Bennies Revisited (D&D5e Version)

By : Drop Dice

Why revisit camping?

So as I mentioned in the original post about camping for benefits, the campsite is often over looked as a good place to have RP and could provide mechanical benefits for the party. So I am updating it for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Again this should work for any setting using the Dungeons & Dragons rules.

Food & Drink

Extend your rations with hunting. The basics are the same think about the game in the area and can be treated as a random encounter. You can also use survival to actively track game or gather food supplies.  Using the chase rules (DMG 252) can also make the encounter more interesting, most animals will have a fight or flight reaction to hunters and most will take to flight making the chase even more important. If the players fail to drop the target with one hit have a chase ensue. As for cooking since D&D5e has streamlined the mechanics for skills you can just let the players say what they are cooking. This may be a great chance to work in their backstory and background, say they come from a land that is like Mongolia, but they are from the lower class. Their food is most likely some sort of delicious grilled food with sauce flavoring or grains and gathering related. Where as if they were from a wealthier background they may not even know how to cook well because of the pampered Noble life they were leading before adventuring. Same food just burned and they may know about some expensive dishes the Urchin could only dream of. Again this can lead to some interesting RP as not every character may love Mongolian Barbecue (for reasons unknown, because it is sooo good).

For an added mechanical benefit to help motivate players you could allow fresh food to give players increased resting benefits for the next day. Normally a long rest restores half of your total Hit Dice after a long rest. So I would give them the normal half total hit dice for a long rest plus one extra.

Music/Stories (Interludes)

One of my favorite things from Savage Worlds was the interludes, basically you would get a moment to tell people about you background in character or have the spot light to further develop your character. I mentioned it could be music as well or some other common feature of your worlds campfire traditions. Normally in Savage World this get you a Bennie (think Inspiration). 

I mentioned in that last post that I would give more bennies for more creativity, for D&D I like the idea of awarding the players with Inspiration for this, but keep in mind they can only have 1 Inspiration at a time unless you change that for your table. So I would give inspiration to the player who did an interlude and allow one player a chance to do an interlude each campsite. The rules for what type of interlude from Savage Worlds may still be used if you want to keep it random, if not story-tell.


If you use gear maintenance this would be a good time. I will be putting up a post about gear quality in D&D in the future, I will revisit camping with these gear quality rules in that post.

The Hearth

This by far was my favorite part from the last post. The idea of increased healing is awesome but it should do more than just add hit points since the way resting recover works. I would have it add 1 Hit Dice to those you recover during a rest if they carry a stone from the previous nights hearth with them to the new night's hearth. A prayer to the god of the hearth would be use to bless the  hearth, no spells needed. If using the fresh food option that is up to 2 Hit Dice extra after a long rest.

Optional Rules

If you are using the optional healing rules feel free to tweek these to fit the options to your healing rate in game. Since often its a a change in what a short rest/long rest is defined as.

World Building Extras: More Maps & Upcoming Races Inspiration

By : Drop Dice

World Building Extras: More Maps & Upcoming Races Inspiration

So I love collecting pictures for for inspiration, this one happens to be the YouTube channel thumbnail and a big source of inspiration for the Flood World concept, now named Isengar. I love the jagged alien nature of this planet but I wanted to use it for fantasy a fantasy project my friend started with me when we played a very complicated world building game. From there it has grown and expanded into something kind of neat. When I sit down and work on the map for the world I don't rush the work like I have done in the past because I am pacing myself to go with my planned YouTube schedule. It has afforded me a chance to look at some different aspects I had not thought of, so if anything is a take away from this is to give myself more prep time than I have in the past usually I have taken about three weeks or less to prep a homegrown game. This project has already exceeded my normal timeline and I don't think it should normally take this as long as the YouTube series will, but it should be longer or at least more developed than I have been treating it in the past couple years of games. The hope is to create a world that you are excited about and want to explore, but also to create something the players will be interested in so you will begin to see more open discussion items as the series develops. Stay tuned for more and as always please like, comment, and subscribe.

Map Updates:

 Race Inspiration Pictures

World Building Extras: Deities & Demiblogs

By : Drop Dice

Deities & Demiblogs

Moving along with the World Builder series on the YouTube channel we started talking about what kind of gods we want to use in this setting. So in part three I talked about using the domains created by Tim Harper at Samwise Seven RPG. So here is my list presented in the format you would see in D&D5e Player's Handbook.

I haven't worked out exactly the relationships of the gods just yet but that can be left open to player input for now this is just as much information as what a player gets in the Players Handbook. So far I have not named the world or the pantheon since it is still early in the process.

After that we look at some map update pictures. I would also like to add that the discussion on the races for the "Flood World" is still open to suggestions. and comments, anything from an aesthetic looks to culture is an open topic.

Gods of Unnamed Pantheon (Flood World)

DeityAlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
Kuru, god of magic and learningNGMagic, KnowledgeA sword hilt with an eye in the center
Ilo, god of illuminationCGLight, FireA single lit candle with a white flame
Nit, god of obfuscationCEWater, DarknessA brass candle snuffer
Cyone, goddess of the natural wayNMoon, NatureA cerulean blue disc
Ezdar, god of fortuneCNTrickery, IllusionA silver coin with two faces: one of joy , one of sorrow
Malkor, watcher of souls and ruinationLEDeath, DestructionA black iron coffin nail
Rayphon, goddess of civic dutyLNCrafts, ProtectionA shield and a smith's hammer
Abris, the traveler godLNTrade, TravelA white feather
Ibtarr, god of fertility and the starsNGLife, StarsA bassinet with three stars over it
Berius, god of battleLGWar, StrengthA golden ram rearing
Lytrix, goddess of the windCNAir, FateTriskelion
Acrena, goddess of hunting and stoneNEarth, AnimalsA primative longbow and arrow with stone arrowhead
Kazra, the unseenLEPlants, RevengeBlack antlers with twisting vines
Beta Nazhel, goddess of illness and sufferingNESlime, SufferingA snail

Map Updates:

More to come next time, see you at the gaming table.

Let's Morphin! Episode 1: Attack of the Tropes! Part 1

By : Drop Dice

What is Tokusatsu?

So for my friends anyways it is no secret to close friends I am a huge Power Rangers/Super Sentai fan along with the other parts of tokusatsu. Today we are going to talk about what tokusatsu is and why I am interested in making a game focused on it.

Tokusatsu is a genre of Japanese film and TV dedicated to special effects. Examples of the genre are Super Sentai(Power Rangers), Godzilla, Kamen Rider(Masked Rider), and even Spiderman at one point. It emphasizes special effects, over the top action and obviously repeated formulas for episodes and movies.

Those formulas are often called tropes. You will find tropes, or common elements, in most every type of game. In fact some games even have it in their name, Dungeons & Dragons. So when ever you start looking to create your own games you should consider the tropes you want and that's what we are talking about today. So the purposes of the game I am making I am only considering the core elements of Super Sentai and voiding those involving the gritty remakes. The remakes are fun but they dont capture the spirit of the game. I will consider gritty rules after establishing the core rules for those interested. Keep in mind Super Sentai is actually more gritty than the American Power Rangers, the characters do not have plot armor and can get seriously injured or die but only if the story is furthered by doing so.

The Big 5 Tropes of Super Sentai

1. Team work
2. World of Badass
3. Card-Carrying Villain
4. All up to you
5. Color Coded/Matching Motif

When thinking about the tropes for a type of game I always think about the big five. The big five should come up in almost every game and aspect of the game. 

In a normal game teamwork is mostly a given but in a Super Sentai game it becomes almost mandatory, sure there will be spotlight moments but for the most part teamwork will be needed to over come challenges. As for a world of badass, think about the episodes explosions everywhere, big monsters, big robots, and martial arts. This will be more influenced by the GM and players so it is really more of a mind set for the game. 

For the GM keep in mind that most villains are the card-carrying type meaning they will be evil and let everyone know they are. In almost every season you get one monster of the week who will change the status quo and actually try to be good. The rangers will help, but then the Big Bad will either corrupt him making the rangers fight their new friend or send a monster to finish off the failure, though that later is much rarer. 

"Its all up to you" is another trope that usually shows up in most any game but in a Rangers style game it is even more important your team is literally all that stands between the Earth (or your planet/galaxy/universe depending on scale) and the greatest threat known to man. And every new season the threat is some how considered worse even though the power level doesn't change all that much. For example in starting with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, every new threat was so much more powerful. In each season their powers where considered not enough so they got better powers until they got to Zero which was the most powerful rangers ever and still are for the most part canonically speaking. The following season is Turbo which was a step down in power but they power was specialized to fight their new big boss, and the specialized force motif continues from there with each new season. Super Sentai does the same specialized motif though it never really states which rangers are the most powerful. Thinking of it this way makes it understandable why a bad guy from the previous season could come back in a future season with new rangers and they still have a hard time fighting him.

Color coded/Motif is the blatant use of colored uniforms to mark who and what kind of person they are. In the past the Power Rangers and Super Sentai have been accused of racism and sexism with the color motif, though this has been changing over the last 10 years or more. And in the spirit of good gaming I am not going to focus on those elements, in my rules you will be able to pick a color regardless of race or sex, instead it will be focused on the common personality elements of each color for example Red is usually the leader, but he is almost always an icon of justice, heroism, and what the team should be, but he is sometimes willing to take on more than he can handle to keep his friends away from danger

For this hack I am considering using Blades in the Dark, which just finished a very successful kick starter and will be in final print later this year, or Apocalypse World/Dungeon World for ease of use. I think both systems have their merits but after play through the Quick Start Rules for Blades in the Dark I think that one may end up being the best choice.

Other notable tropes

Action Girl
Calling attacks (naming them)
An ass kicking Christmas
New Years (rest)
Authority = Ass Kicking
Awesomeness is volatile
BFG - Big Fucking Gun
Broken Faceplate
Monster of the week
Demonize the mundane
Henshin call (let's morphin of it's morphin time)
Drastic Tone change

For more about the game systems I am considering check out their websites:

Until the next issue of Let's Morphin!

D&D5e Background: The Refugee

By : Drop Dice
So I am running the Youtube channel for Drop Dice which will be my main avenue of teaching and discussing games with the public this blog will serv as an expansion of ideas I brought up in past videos or like to day a random piece of game stuff.

Backgrounds are one of my favorite things in Dungeons & Dragons 5e and taking the time to customize backgrounds will have a nice way to work your players into the story. To day I am presenting one of my custom backgrounds I made for a post apocalyptic fantasy game where the elder god Chaos touched the material plane and left it in shambles.The refugee is a person directly effected by the catastrophe of his presence.

Background - Refugee

Skill Proficiencies: Medicine, Survival
Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism Kit
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: A staff, a hunting trap, a set of traveler's clothes, an herbalism kit, and 5 gp

Feature: Survive
You have spent a lifetime wandering and meeting those who would be sympathetic to your plight. While in a city you can find those who will support you at a poor lifestyle. In addition, you can always find places to shelter yourself from the elements and hostile creatures at night, reducing the odds of being surprised. GM should modify the random encounter chart to account for this feature

Suggested Characteristics
Personality Trait
I'm not sure when my next meal will be so I am constantly eating something.
I collect souvenirs from every place I've been.
I always have a plan for when things go wrong.
I have spent so much time drifting I have little practical experience dealing with city dwellers.
I'm not sure when my next meal will be so I hoard and ration food constantly.
I am utterly serene, even in the face of disaster.
I pocket anything I see that might have some value.
I watch over my friends as if they were a litter of pups.

Protector. My life is forfeit already, all I can do is protect those around me no matter the cost. (Good)
Tradition. Even though my city and people have been destroyed I will keep their traditions and beliefs alive through my actions. (Lawful)
Change. Chaos changed everything, those who do not think so are fools and will work to educate them. (Chaotic)
Survive. I will do things that many consider to be unethical in order to survive, my life is most important. (Evil)
People. One day I will find a place to call home. (Any)
Redemption. This is our chance to create something better than any civilization. (Good)

My lands were taken and made useless, one day I will have the strength to take back my home.
I have a family, but I have no idea where they are. One day, I hope to see them again.
I own little, but my honor and my word are my bond.
Someone close to me died because of a mistake I made. That will never happen again.
Where I lay my head is home, and I will fight to protect it.
I suffer awful visions of a coming disaster and will do anything to prevent it

I am a coward, conditioned to flee from the dangerous brought on by Chaos.
I left behind a spouse and child and it now brings me great shame.
I will never fully trust anyone other than myself.
I envy people who know their home, and I can't hide my resentment.
I'm constantly worried that I will never get to go home for one reason or another.
People who can't take care of themselves get what they deserve.

Character Background Episode 3

By : Drop Dice
Involving player backgrounds. This seems to be a big topic online. Pretty much everywhere you go for GMing advice, there is at least one article about the subject. So, I figured I would go over how I have done it in the past, and what I have learned since starting this blog.


In the past, I have been a game store style GM. I would make a world and say "join if you would like." After getting players who showed up every week, for a while, I would start working their background in. This style worked well enough for me when I actually ran a game at the store. Since having a group that plays regularly, this play style is kind of limiting. I feel like my story-line is separate, from what the characters are interested in. It creates a dichotomy between personal story and GM Story.

 Oddly enough, I notice that in certain settings I ran differently. In Star Wars, I am almost always character heavy through out my story, if I had one prepared for the sake of their story. I cant really even explain it, but I guess its more media influenced. I feel like fantasy characters are almost wrapped up, in the story, where as sci-fi is more character centered. You see that most common in TV shows. In movies for example:
Star Wars is about the characters and their personal interactions with the Empire
Lord of the Rings is an epic. The characters are part of it and they have value but the ring needed to be destroyed by someone. It could have been anyone at all.
I think its more because of these iconic stories. that I have always done that in the past. I have always been ok with this formula. even though I knew my players often gravitated to my sci-fi campaigns. Not to say either way is lesser. Its just a preference.

Another thing I have noticed is I have not been much for completion. In the sense that my players have always had an ending, but it has never really been as memorable as some of the middle parts. I cant really think of a time, where my players thought of my end boss as more than a big guy with lots of hit points.

Something else I did, in the past, was plan a big epic story arc, at least 12 sessions a story arc. Every play session was a direct pick up from the last session.


Since tooling around and listening to other GMs and writers, I have kind of changed my mind on this. Firstly, I have come to the conclusion that I get GM fatigue faster than my players get player fatigue. I think its because I have always done long story arcs, that were not directly focused on continuation. I have almost always done mini-campaigns. I get my fatigue when I feel like the PC's are not accomplishing much, which in reality is my fault. They had almost no influence on the world, unless they started to siege other cities and take slaves.

So, this time I took a very different approach. I let the players make the world. The world being a continuation, of a world that they almost destroyed with previous characters. Their new characters have no direct connection to the last set, but its a neat concept to play out. Let the players fix the world they destroyed. I am also going into this with a different event style of story writing. Instead of doing long continuing story arc, that I hope is just building and building up, I am going to focus in on smaller stories, like a serial. The larger story will be there because of the supported smaller stories.

How does the back story work in? So, I linked a forum in the background tools post about hash-tagging peoples background and adding those hash-tags, to my plot points. My goal is to make every session hit at least one character's background, and if possible more. I thought this was so simple, yet a great way that works for me. The goal to finding a way to incorporate backgrounds is finding what works for you. I am not going to tell you that you should do it my way. I am going to refer you back to the internet. There are so many good opinions out there.

The big thing to remember is don't write your story for you. Write it for them. That's where the backgrounds become so important.

Character Background Episode 2

By : Drop Dice

One of my favorite elements, from Savage Worlds, is the adventure generators that most every campaign setting comes with. One of my favorites happens to be Beast and Barbarians. Probably because that is the one I am most familiar with. I got to thinking about that, and thought how about a background generator with inspiration from that. Make it like a mini game for players and GM's alike. I hope to put a few options with this idea, kind of similar to the MACS stuff from Shaintar. And just like suggested in the rules for MACS, this can be used in conjunction with an adventure. Maybe a fortune teller tells the adventurers about a NPC they will meet, giving them clues to the greater plot involving said NPC. Can also be used to introduce new PCs on the fly.

Character Background Spread

Draw four cards from the deck. Place them one next to the other in the order they are drawn. The cards will help to shape your background and personality. The suits will give you a personality, while the values will determine the background events. This will provide a basic background frame work.


For anyone that has never taken a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, you should probably give it a go before continuing. Though most people probably have done one of these tests before. and may need a refresher so feel free to do a little reading and look at the 16 personality types (different site that presents the types in an easier to read format).

In the test, you are measured in four categories with two possible options, i.e. four card draw. Naturally no one is exclusively one of the two possible options, all the time, but this can be used as a guide to the general behavior and personality of your character.

The categories are abbreviated for ease of use:
Thinking (T)/Feeling(F)

First Card's Suit - Attitudes

The first card's suit will determine the first letter, in your characters personality type.

Red Cards(Hearts/Diamond) - Extraversion(E). Actions speak louder than words. You are driven by actions. For the most part, you act first then later take time to reflect on what information you have gleaned from the experience. You prefer to keep the hits coming and time with others, in between, to effectively recharge. Life is a great teacher, but you would rather move quickly through your lessons to get the most, out of it.

Black Cards(Clubs/Spades) - Introversion(I). Reason before action, You think about what you do, before doing it. This can lead to a more fruitful experience. When you need to recharge, you often seek solace in personal activities, avoiding the distracting business of others. Life is meant to teach deep lessons, so you take your time to carefully think about what you have learned, in your experience, and apply that to your future ones.

Joker - Wild, character owners choice

Second Card's Suit - Judging Functions

The second card's suit will determine the second letter, in your characters personality type.

Red Cards(Hearts/Diamond) - Sensing(S). Concrete evidence is needed to sway the masses. You want to find that evidence. It leads your actions. Hunches are for the uneducated. Details and facts are all the support that any action needs. The devil is in the details.

Black Cards(Clubs/Spades) - iNtuition(N) "Evidence" and "hard" numbers can be shown in entirely factual ways, that may seem to prove one point, but in reality it is how those details are presented. You abstract information, to it's base level, and trust the theoretical more than the "factual." You are more interested in the possibilities from that data. Understanding how the data is formed will lead you to the truth.

Joker - Wild, character owners choice

Third Card's Suit - Percieving Functions

The third card's suit will determine the third letter, in your characters personality type.

Red Cards(Hearts/Diamond) - Thinking(T) You make your decision most often, with a detached logical stand point. You measure your decisions to determine the best course, of action, using reason, logic, and consistent rules. 

Black Cards(Clubs/Spades) - Feeling(F) You make your decisions most often with your heart. You always look at it from the other point of view, before making any rash or callous decisions. Often weighing the situation, to best fit the needs ,of the many, of the few.

Joker - Wild, character owners choice

Fourth Card's Suit - Lifestyle

The third card's suit will determine the third letter in your characters personality type.

Red Cards(Hearts/Diamond) - Judging(J) You have matters settled. You are content to show others what you believe in. You tend to show the world more of your preferred judging function (Second Card's Suit).

Black Cards(Clubs/Spades) - Perception(P) You like to keep decisions open and available. You prefer to show the world your preferred perceiving function (Third Card's Suit)

Joker - Wild, character owners choice


With personality defined, remember to check up on your definition for the character's personality type for guidance. The next step is to put together a basic background for the character. For this phase, keep in mind that in Savage Worlds a suit of clubs is always a complication, and a joker is always a boon.  For this character background build, I would use the elements that come up, as clubs, as defining points, to illuminate why a character has the hindrances they have on their sheet.  Use jokers as a great event leading to jumping points for edges. It is recommended as a reward, for pulling a joker, that a player be allowed to use the "Born a Hero" rule from SWD page 94. With each topic, write down at least one to two sentences, explaining how the character feels about it or even a basic description of the topic.

First Card's Value - Origins

Origins is used to show how your character was brought up. Seed ideas:
  • Immediate Family, alive or dead and what effect they had on the character
  • Extended family and family-like friends
  • Location, what type of place you grew up in
  • Childhood events 

Deuce -Born into Bondage, you were born into a society, where you were a slave. You may have been born from another class, but ultimately your fate is still the same. This is not just the typical form of bondage, this can also include being part of sex trade, human trafficking, and even such strange events as being adopted by a drug dealer to push his product.

3-4 -  Vagabond/gypsy, you were always on the move as a child. You may have mixed feelings about the places you went, but you always remember the people you met there. For place of origin, you may think of no place in particular as "home," but perhaps you had an ancestral home.

5-7 - Poor/Lower class, you grew up with little but a roof over your head, and enough food to remind you that you were hungry. Things that others take for granted are seen as valuable to you. Warmth and a light at night are considered great victories, where you grew up. You learned how to make it work, because if you had not your old life would have chewed you up.

8-9Middle Class, you had a pretty normal life growing up, with normal friends and normal neighbors. Was that really such a good thing? You are more prone to take things at face value, and believe that hard work pays off. And hey if you got a club, maybe you had a creepy neighbor with a secret...

10Upper Middle Class, you grew up better than most, always having something a step better than your peers. In a modern game, you might have been that kid in high school, who got a brand new sports car as soon as he got his driver's license. Money was never really a thing for you, or at least it wasn't until you stopped going to school and started working.

JackUpper Class, you grew up privileged. Special schools, instructors and tutors, what ever was needed to insure you future success. With this came stages of rebellious tendencies, but who cares. You had enough money to make your problems go away, so long as it wasn't that bad.

Queen - The Elite, you were born into the 1%. You are used to attention, and for the most part you and your family deserve it. But like most children of the 1% you will be one of two options, either you care about the family business or you go off the wall and have daddy try to clean up your mess. You could have been a model child or arrested, the odds are about 50/50.

King - Lost legacy, your family was once kings and rulers of their domain, but that age has passed. You will fall into any of the categories below, for how you were raised, but even to this day your name has power. In some games, this may be limited to a specific group of people. If your family were once great magi, your name would garner you respect, at the Tower of Magi, or at least an audience.

Ace - Left to Die, you have no idea of who you could have been. You were left to die as a child. You may have been adopted or simply raised yourself. Either way, you have learned that survival is key and the person you can trust most is yourself.

JokerWeird, Something about your childhood does not make sense. Well it might to you, but it sure isn't normal. This could range from being brought up by aliens, to being a sacrifice to a blood god that did not work out. You may remember the events but to you it was normal. Its only weird to those you tell the story to.

Second Card's Value - Virtue/Vice

Virtue is a positive quality, that your character shows. If you draw a club, you may take the vice associated with the virtue instead. A vice can be linked to a character's hindrances. GM's, who want to take it up a notch, may use the Vices Rules from the Horror Companion. The other option is to take the virtue to an extreme, where it would be detrimental to the character. For example, the virtue of patience. You can twist that to match the hindrance Death Wish, but make the character fully believe they cannot die until that moment they are destined for.

Deuce - Temperance, you have self control regard pleasures. You control your needs to indulge in excess, and restrain some of your more base instincts.
Vice: Indulgence, you willingly give into your pleasure of choice, whether its the dink or the opposite sex. You don't care as long as you get it when you want it.

3-4 - Humility, you have a modest opinion of yourself. You have a clear understanding of your self-worth and understand how you fit into the greater picture of things.
Vice: Hubris/Arrogant, you know your value is greater than others. You feel entitled to certain benefits and status because of who you are.

5-7 - Courage, you are willing to do the right thing, and face any challenge that might stand in your way. Courage can some times be a double edged sword. Be sure not to become overconfident.
Vice: Cowardice, you are a coward. When the chips are down you will do anything to keep yourself safe, even sacrificing your "friends"

8-9 - Patience, you know that good things come to those who wait. You are not as aggressive as a Courageous person can be. You meet your challenge face to face in a calm manor. People may describe you as stoic.
Vice: Vengeful, others agitate you quickly. You are prone to acting rashly and giving into aggression. 

10 - Tolerance, you believe that all people are entitled to their own beliefs and ways of doing things. It is not your place to judge them.
Vice: Bias, you believe that all others should believe and do as you. You will go out of your way to make up excuses why others are wrong and you are right. You favor certain things and those things are the only things worth preferring. Some might describe you as prejudice or stubborn, depending on how much you show your feelings to them.

Jack - Honesty, in all things you remain honest. You work in earnest and people find it easy to trust you.
Vice: Mendacity, you are prone to lying. Not just to get what you want but even on things that don't matter, in the grand scheme of things. You may even take pleasure in the act of tricking people and think you are smart than others. You almost never find guilt in the lies you have told and the reactions they have(if of coarse you acknowledge them).

Queen - Detachment, you have learned that things are only that. By not placing emphasis on things and people, you have allowed your mind to be open to more options in life.
Vice: Attachment, you need something in your life. What ever that is, it is deeper than just indulging. You have become so attached that you do not function with out it. If the attachment is to a person, you might be called a stalker if people found out.

King - Benevolence, you are known for your kind nature. You often will go out of your way to improve the mood and well being of others. Be sure not to forget yourself though.
Vice: Selfishness, you are concerned more with yourself than with others. You will only help others if it benefits you in some way, even if that person does not see how it does.

Ace - Meticulous, you are very well prepared for any situation. You have plans with back up plans, back up plans for the back up plans, and in worst case scenario you have escape plans. Friends might call you overly cautious, but you have kept them out of trouble more times than you can count.
Vice: Reckless, you jump head long into things. Thinking about outcomes only wastes time. You have a "what doesn't kill me make me strong," look at life.

Joker - Double Edged Sword, Pick one virtue and one vice for the character. You cannot pick the vice associated with your virtue.

Third Card's Value - Major Event

Major events in life shape who we are. This is the same for RPG characters. Each event is open ended, again make your clubs count. The questions are there to encourage writing, but do not need to be answered in your background. It may come up as part of the game's natural progression. Talk to your GM, if you would like to cover the topic more in play, and there is a chance what you think you know is true may not always be correct.

Deuce - Inheritance, something of value has been passed down to you. The value may be more sentimental than material. 

3-4 - War, you learned of war and it has changed you. This can be anything from feuding families who spilled blood to World War III.

5-7 - Dark Secret, you learned of an unspeakable secret. This could be related to a person, place, or even be magical in  nature.

8-9 - Love, love changes everything they say. For you, this could not be more true. Perhaps that person made you better. Perhaps they made you worse. Love is a tricky thing, and it does not always have to be romantic in nature.

10 - Travel, you went somewhere that opened your mind to new experiences. How did you get there and what did you learn?

Jack - Crime, you committed a crime or assisted in one. You may not have been aware at the time, but the events of the crime have weighed on you. Were you caught? You may be wanted still, or have served your time.

Queen - Taken, you or someone you were close to was taken, perhaps for reasons you don't fully understand. It has changed the person who was taken. If it was a friend of family member what effect did it have on you?

King - Service, at one point or another you were in service to another. This could be anything from a high school job to service to a king.

Ace -  Death, someone very close to you died in a tragic or sudden way. Or alternatively you almost died yourself. Who brought you back, and why?

Joker - Mentor, you had a mentor growing up, who shared his wealth of knowledge and experience with you. You may not have been aware as to what his intentions for you were, but he will always be someone you remember. Is he still alive, if so where?

Fourth Card's Value - Mystery

Every character should have a reason for going out into the world. Mysteries function as that. Sure everyone wants to get rich and meet an awesome person, to be with forever, but that's boring. Mysteries add depth to the character. Mysteries may change elements you have already written down, embrace it.

Deuce - The Occult, something unnatural pulls at you. It pushes you to learn more about the world around you. Perhaps you were a sacrifice for an evil cult, as a child, and you need to learn more about why you were chosen. Why your parents would allow it. Or perhaps you hear the whispers of something truly great beyond human understanding. Perhaps you were chosen to go on this mission by such a being that hides it's true self from you. Who commands you?

3-4 - Vision, you have had a vision showing something that you must find. Its meaning is fleeting and abstract. You quest to find your answers. This may have been a one time occurrence, or perhaps it haunts your dreams. This one is best sorted out with the GM.

5-7 - Mistaken Identity, someone has either taken your identity and you are in a mess because of it, or you were mistaken for someone else and in a mess because of it. The person who set you up probably knows what they are doing and has a good reason for it, but what does that mean for you?

8-9 - Missing, something or someone is missing. You are searching for them, why? Or alternatively why is that thing so important?

10 - Stranger, you are a stranger in a strange land. The very nature of your mystery is the journey itself. You are a bit of an explorer going to new places. You must learn to adapt, and with each lesson it pushes you forward.

Jack - Destiny, you have no say in what you do, or at least it seems that way sometimes. People call you the chosen one, or some other equally ridiculous name, and all your trying to do is be normal. But their hope in you gets the better of you and pushes you in to action. Deep inside your heart you have always wondered what you were chosen for, prophecies are never really that clear.

Queen - Escape, you are running away from something. You may not show it, but you adventure to get away from something and it may be following you.

King - Mysterious Employer, you have been paid to be here. At one time, you didn't care what the job was or who was hiring you until this employer. Your latest boss does not show him/herself, always sending letters, emails, or liaisons for communication between the two of you. You have even questioned the liaisons, they have no idea either. Who ever the employer is, this is big.

Ace - Big Bad, you are some how connected to the big bad of the story. His name might be familiar to you, or you could be his second cousin's niece's brother-twice-removed's grand baby. You are driven not only to bring him down but to find out what made him that way. Could you end up the same way? Is the big bad really all that wrong?

Joker - Connection, one of your compatriots is connected to your mystery. Pick another mystery and get with the GM. GM's are encouraged to set the details, of the connection up, and hide that from the players for them to discover, during the game. It is sometimes better if the connected character has unintentionally been involved with the mystery.

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